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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Art For Sale

Hey peeps, it's been a while, but I just wanted to let you all know I have prints available for sale....and to get yours is super easy. Just scroll to the end of this note and choose your fav, email me with your order, and you're done. See..? Easy!
And as a special incentive all orders will receive a FREE mini-poster and who knows, maybe a free sketch. No promises though.

Here's the full breakdown:

*All prints are either 11x17($10) or 14x18($20) and vary in price because of size.
* Yes, there is a deal for multiple orders: (2) 11x17 prints will only cost $15 and (2) 14x18 prints will only cost $30. Deals in crease if you purchase more stuff.
* An additional $5 will be added to orders to cover Shipping and Handling, with $1 extra for additional prints.(Please ask for international shipping rates.)
*All prints come signed and are on heavy duty card-stock paper.
*All orders will receive a FREE mini-poster and whatever other promotional items may be laying around.
* Orders can be placed through email or pm. Be sure to mention:
- Name of Print(s) you'd like
-Full Mailing Address
-Full Name

* Payment will be through Paypal. (You don't need a paypal account to send money through them)
* Contact me at


* Please allow 2-3weeks from initial Order confirmation for Shipments-- I'm doing this myself and sometimes it takes a while to get everything together and/or wait for prints to arrive.
*I usually use PayPal for all transactions - You can pay with a Debit/Credit Card on paypal by going to Send Money - Send Money Online.
* Free sketches are at my whim and may or may not be doable.

That should cover it but if there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
I would like to thank each and everyone who has supported me on this journey, and to anyone who has taken time form their hectic schedule to even just read this.


StreetTeam- Cover Me 11x17/$10 14x18/$20 Colors:Stanley Weaver Jr

Knight Seeker- Cover 11x17/$10 Colors: Blair Smith
Naruto- 6ixTails 11x17/$10 Colors: Steve Wacker

PyroAngel- Ascension 11x17/$10 Colors: Ashley Woods
BlazBlue- Rachael Alucard 11x17/$10 Colors: Blair Smith

StreetFighter- In Akuma's Shadow 11x17/$10 14x18/$20 Colors: Steve Wacker

Street Team- Assemble 11x17/$10 Colors: James 'Mase' Mason
Captain America- Battle Ready 11x17/$10 Colors:Blair Smith

Black Panther- Sacred Marks 11x17/$10 Color:Kamau Mshale

Black Panther- Regal 11x17/$10 Colors: Kamau Mshale

Blackfist 11x17/$10 Colors: Blair Smith