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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Days...

...Of the Pyroglyphics Raffle that is. This first time year end promotion on Facebook where I pick someone at random to receive a special "Pyro-Maniac Prize Pack". Just show your support and 'like' my FB Pyroglyphics page and you're automatically entered into a raffle. That's it!

The winner will receive a Prize Pack valued at over $200(!!) that includes shirts, mugs, art supplies, ORIGINAL ART and MORE!! Just for liking the page. If you already like the page, there's a separate, exclusive V.I.P level where there's a chance for you to win even MORE prizes,  if you re-post this blog or share the link on Facebook and get your friends and fam to like my page too.
And here it is:!/PyroglyphicsStudio

I thank you all in advance for your support and I can't wait to show you all what I've been working on for next year.

And just because I love you guys, here's a piece I've been holding back on. I think it both ties in the title of the blog, as well as gives a preview of things to come.


"...These are the last days, before I get cast way/It's a must, I have to Rock Hard like cafe..."- Outsidaz

Friday, December 23, 2011

Street Team: Video Game and Origins

I have a video game.
The Street Team package with the James Mason's Urban Shogun

Well me and 6 other creators, have a video game out called Street Team: Reign of The Iron Dragon, that's available for sale this very moment. Wow!
You can get it as a digital copy here:
or you can get the hard copy (along with some other great products) here:

And to think, it all started about 2 and a half years ago with a really bad sketch(cue that tinkle-ly flashback music)

From the back to the front: Blackbird, Stalker, Bear(the dog), Dodger, Aaron

Actually, it started a little bit before that, but I won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say, somewhere along the line someone mentioned a forum called "BlackSuperhero Talk" to me ( [BSH for short]) and I became a member. There, I meet tons of other independent artists and creators like myself who were trying to put out their own comics and creations, and at some point I became cool with a lot of these guys. Flash forward to an average day of really bad artist block, when I took it upon myself to sketch some of the other member's creations as a team. Hence the bad sketch you see above.

But the idea behind the sketch is what took root in the minds of the viewers AND the creators. Demand came in for an official poster. I've always considered myself a giver, so I went for it. I recruited a fellow BSH member by the name of Mase to do the colors, in exchange for bringing his character into the poster, and voila. The poster was a hit.

Clockwise from top: Blackbird-created by Charlie Fab; Stalker and Bear- created by Stanley Weaver; Tiger-created by James Mason; Aaron-created by Shawn Alleyne and Koran Curtis; Dodger-created by Joe Currie.

And remains so to this day.
But once again, I think it was what the poster symbolized more so than the art that was what took root in many people's minds. Why is that?

There are many reasons.
-Black people don't feel as though they have a voice in comics. Besides being a minority in life, the numbers become infinitesimal in the comic book industry, both in front of the camera and behind it.
-We don't have a lot of characters to call our own, and a lot of the ones we do have don't give us much to be proud of. (Bishop becoming the bad guy with a robotic arm and being stuck 1 million years in the future? C'mon!)
-There aren't that many black people working professionally  in the industry and of those that are, only a select few are super-stars. People don't even know some of their favorite artists on a book might actually be black, and if you saw them in real life you would probably confuse them with any other black person.
-Then, in the independent market, some of the books you find with black characters produced by black people(sometimes not), aren't the greatest literary works of art.
-And finally, there's this preconceived notion in comics(and most things) that black people don't look out for our own and can't work together. Which is ridiculous!

So here I come with a poster featuring an all black cast of characters (that were created by black people); that looks pretty decent; and was drawn and colored by 2 black guys. The very idea of it made BSH explode. And that's when I got the call.

But more on that next blog.
For now, don't forget to pick up the game and/or comic for a loved one; and "like" me on facebook to be entered into a year-end raffle. Share my raffle link and be entered into a special V.I.P drawing. Be sure to let me know you did though..otherwise I won't have any way of knowing if you did or didn't.!/PyroglyphicsStudio

Thanks for reading peeps.

"Waiting patiently, no..patiently faking/Anciently aching, anticipating the act so internally pacing..." - Geist

Friday, December 16, 2011

Where's That "Love" Button?

It's been too long peeps, but I'm back with something special. I'm officially running a year end promotion on Facebook where I pick someone at random to receive a special "Pyro-Maniac Prize Pack"!  More on that in a sec, but here's the breakdown:

I'm asking everyone to show their support and 'like' my FB Pyroglyphics page, (if you haven't already). If you have, I'm asking you to spread the word about my humble little corner of this vast internet world by getting your friends and fam to like my page too. Once that's done, you're automatically entered into a raffle. That's it! Easy, right?

And what do you get? Well, besides the art I pour my soul out over and will continue to deliver, I felt the need to give a lucky someone something a little more tangible. The winner will receive a Prize Pack valued at over $200!! It includes shirts, mugs, art supplies, ORIGINAL ART and MORE!! Just for liking the page.
So head on over and get your like on(Ok, that was corny, but you get the idea):!/PyroglyphicsStudio

UPDATE: If you post this blog or share the link on Facebook, you'll be entered into a separate, exclusive drawing to win even MORE prizes.

I thank you all in advance for your support and I can't wait to show you all what I've been working on for next year.

Oh, and since I've been gone so long, here's 3 blogs worth of art I wasn't going to show just yet.


WIP Omega Red--Colors by Renee Clarke

Clayton "Chef" Clement- Crime Boss to make a Street Team appearance.

Oguun-- Major baddie from the Street Team book.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Hey peeps, hope the week's been swell. Wow...that sounded corny as hell.

Anyways, no time for anything deep, so I figured I would just post extra art. Today though, I'm doing something a lot of people keep asking me to do-- show my creative process. No real magic..I just do a bunch of scribbles to get the feel of what I want; look at some pics to get inspiration(thank you Google); and do a finished piece.

Today's subject is a character called Tusk, also from A Hero's Diary and an entry into the upcoming Street Team Universe Guide. This character was co-created by me and Koran Curtis, and is a particularly nasty fella who lives in Philly's sewers and subway tunnels, doing dirty sewer and subway things.

Starts with a rough sketch to get the body type and/or specific features down. In this case we were thinking of making him disfigured and misshapen.  
Went away from the misshapen, just...different. Thought of giving him a mask and making him the leader of a (literal) underground gang. I don't know what the HELL that thing is in the right corner.
Cleaned up the scan a little. Not sold on the design though.
Tweaks...going back to just slightly misshaped. Still thinking about a mask or some kind of weird element to his face. Like Faust from Guilty Gear.
Official entry for the book, all nice and inked. Liked the pose from the sketch so kept it kind of similar. Combined some elements from the sketches-- he's only slightly deformed(is there such a thing? lol) Swapped out the hook on the chain (too Lobo-ish) for a man-hole cover(still going to hurt and if swung right can still slice ya). Threw a tire on his face. Yes, I said it, a F*$#ing TIRE.

And that's it. More details on this guy will be dropping in a month or so.
Now, it's on to the next one..some sketches and a special project called PORTAL!


"This is the Book of Eli years, where lost artwork is the sacred prayers/
And where our work is here/ in libraries that span a 1000 acres/
Yet endangered so pages is buried in craters/
Surrounded by morlocks and lasers/Bio-marauders and gators/
Only reached by sideways moving, geo-fueling elevators..."-Geist

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Now The Fun Begins.

My first ever Black Friday/Cyber-Monday sale is officially over, and I would like to thank everyone who bought a print and requested a commission. The next month is going to be one busy pain in my ass...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So because of my schedule, nothing major today, just some new art. Meet Apofis Set (Uh-Poh-Fis Set), a villain I created for the Street Team story who will be a major thorn in the side of my hero Black Aizan and in the future, his protege Aizan.

More on the character will be revealed in a month or 2, but here's a little origin on the name.
Apofis -- 1) taken from the word Apophis, the name given to a near-Earth asteroid that caused a brief period of concern in December 2004 because initial observations indicated a small probability that it would strike the Earth in 2029.
2) taken from the Greek word Apophis, the variation of the Egyptian name Apep, who was the great adversary of the sun god, Re and was the very embodiment of the powers of dissolution, darkness and non-being. He was known by many epithets, ranging from evil lizard, opponent and enemy to world encircler and serpent of rebirth.
3) Apophis was a ruler of Lower Egypt during the fifteenth dynasty and the end of the Second Intermediate Period that was dominated by this foreign dynasty of rulers called the Hyksos.

 Set (also spelled Seth) was in Ancient Egyptian religion a god of the desert, storms, and foreigners but in later myths, was shown as the god of darkness, and chaos.

Now this is where things get interesting and the two names form a cohesive meaning. Set was at first benevolent and was even depicted as a protector of Ra, standing on the prow of his night barque spearing Apep(Apophis).During the Second Intermediate Period, a group of Asiatic foreign chiefs known as the Hyksos (literally, "rulers of foreign lands") gained the rulership of Egypt. Set was the god they found most similar to their own chief god, and became to be worshiped as the chief god.Set, who had traditionally been the god of foreigners, thus also became associated with foreign oppressors.The Hyksos King Apophis is recorded as worshiping Set in a monolithic way and so represented a manifestation of evil. Set was equated with his old enemy, Apep.

Just to show you there's more to mine from than just stories of Thor and Brothers Grimm.


"I'm better than 99% of these heathens/Pick a region,
Demonstrated in a flow harder than asthmatics breathing.."- Geist

Friday, November 25, 2011

Saleroom Doors Are Now Open!

My special BLACK FRIDAY to CYBER MONDAY SALE has officially begun! Looking for some great art for you or someone you love? Why not skip the malls and craziness this year and indulge your inner geek as I offer a sale on all posters in my portfolio for 50% OFF!! 
Not only that, but you will receive A FREE GIFT WITH EVERY PURCHASE!!

Just check out the art on my facebook page and make your choice now!

Now let's say you already purchased one of my posters but would love a piece of ORIGINAL art-- I'm offering a discount on ANY commission you name. How about a pin-up, character design or logo? How about a special holiday themed commission  for Christmas, New Years or other? You name it, it's yours for a REDUCED PRICE!

* In addition, I have black and white versions of almost all of my pieces available, and those are only $8 or 2 for 10!!
* Just $5 covers all shipping and handling on all prints.

And to celebrate the sale, I recently added 5 new prints to the black and white gallery on facebook.
While you're there, make sure to "Like" my page cause at the end of the year I'm doing a random drawing where someone can win a Pyroglyphics Prize Pack. You're welcome.
Here it is again in case you missed it (lol)

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving.


Ahhh what the's some new art for ya. Don't say I don't love you guys.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Black Friday Sale!

Yup, I may not love the name but that won't stop the sales. From this Friday all the way through the weekend to Cyber-Monday, I will be offering a sale on all posters in my portfolio for...wait for it......50% OFF!! 
Not only that, but you will receive A FREE GIFT WITH EVERY PURCHASE!!

And just in case you don't find what you're looking for but would love a piece of ORIGINAL art, I'm offering a discount on ANY commission you name. How about a pin-up, character design or logo? How about a special holiday themed commission  for Christmas, New Years or other? You name it, it's yours for a REDUCED PRICE!
So check out the art and make your choice now!

*Also, there was a mistake on the price listings for the posters, and you'll be happy to know that the price of the 14x20 posters isn't $20, but ONLY $$15! So you'll be getting 50% off of $15.
* In addition, I have black and white versions of almost all of my pieces available, and those are only $8 or 2 for 10!!
* Just $5 covers all shipping and handling.

So to celebrate the sale, here are 5 new available additions to the black and white gallery:

Dodger- 11x17 $8 (2 for $10)
Dr. Doom - 11x17 $8 (2 for $10)
Heroes and Villains- 11x17 $8 (2 for $10)
Omega Red 11x17 $8 (2 for $10)
Sinestro 11x17 $8 (2 for $10)


Friday, November 18, 2011

Best Laid Plans

So I'll just cut to the chase- I was supposed to drop my regular blogs over the last few days and and it never happened. The way I figure it I owe you guys 3 blogs worth of updates/art and I like to deliver. Yes, I'm sometimes late on my commissions or projects, but one thing I always try to do is be fair. If I'm late I always try to find some way to make it up to the person--whether that be a discount, a free poster, free art, whatever--I always try to make it right. And for anyone who sticks by me, please believe I'm going to stick by YOU!

So here now are some pieces of art that I wasn't planning on dropping just yet, but I feel you deserve the backstage access.

Character turn-around of Taken from A Crown of Horns
Chapter 15 art from A Crown of Horns
Street Team Universe entry of "Surge" from A Hero's Diary

Street Team Universe entry of "Aaron" from A Hero's Diary
Street Team Universe entry of "Black Aizan" from AIZAN, my creator owned project.
Commission for Ben Rosario III. Colors by K. Myles.
I hope you enjoyed this peek into the stash, next month I might drop one just for shits and giggles. Dropping these has raised a pretty big question for me though. People have been asking me to put together a solo artbook for a while now, and while I've released some sketchbooks in the past, the benifit of hindsight has shown me how piss-poor they were. I feel time is right to put together an official Art of Shawn Alleyne tome. To do it right though, I would love to launch a kickstarter to aid in the presentation. I was thinking of doing it in December, but I'm scared that that would be too tough of a month for people to donate, with all the holidays and stuff. Which brings me back to that question I mentioned: Do you think I should wait till next year to launch a kickstarter? I appreciate all advise.


"This is under-waterfall training/Lightening shock, hail raining
Last Protector, Ong Bok, big war elephant maiming." - Geist

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wizards and Flying Things

Happy Monday Peoples!

How were your weekends? Creative I hope.
As promised on Friday I have some more info regarding A Crown Of Horns that will allow you to finally breathe again.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday(Nov. 11-13th) I will be in Austin, Texas for the Wizard Comic Con. I'll have the usual assortment of goodies: namely Street Team comics, posters and video games; give-aways; prints of some of your favorite characters; and some fancy-dancy paper ready to be made into commissions. (No, seriously! I just got some engraved, personalized sheets I'm dying to try out.)
And making his first convention appearance behind a table will be John Cullins, author of A Crown of Horns.We'll be holding it down with some cool stuff and will be taking all your Crown related questions. Check the Wizard site for more details on the show:

This will be my first time in Texas and only my second time flying this year. Got-DAMN I'm nervous! Pray for me people.


Oohhhhhhhh yeah!!
Shoutout to Blair 'Bad-mamma-jamma' Smith for the sick color work. As you can see the cover is a wrap-around illustration sporting all the major characters in the book. From the top clockwise we have the baddy Demonra, Serenity the Royal guard, Taken the thief, Gerrick the wizard, Draylen the Damned, Temple Priest, and...a kid praying by a well. (Don't worry, he's there for a reason).

1) go to the facebook site: 
2) inbox your message saying you want to reserve a copy
3) provide your email and any contact info

Right now the book is at the printers and we're still getting all the last minute trimmings situated, with the biggest detail being the final cost of the book, but we're looking at something within the $15-$20 range. As soon as we have more info we'll let you guys know.
And don't forget, on the Crown FB site we'll be doing 2 contests. One will be for all the people who've liked us so far, and another (with even more awesome prizes) will be for all the people who pre-order a copy of the book.

Since I'll be in Texas on Friday I'll be posting a special Thursday blog, with my weekend wrap-up next Monday. Thanks for viewing peeps.


"I'm earthly born but heaven sent/ This is water-walking movement
I cross seas and turn oceans to streams/
Cross streams, and turn liquid to steam
My presence pristine/touch bitches and turn the wicked to Queens."- Geist

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Crown Of Horns

And not what I called it for a while, "A Crown of Thorns." Don't know why, just something that was stuck in my head like the lyrics to a favorite song till you really stop and listen to the words only to be like, "..wait, they said what?!" In this case the writer, John Cullins, one day said "by the way Shawn, it's A Crown Of HORNS". Opps.

Well, John isn't only a forgiving guy, he's a giving guy, and he was kind enough to offer me the position of Art Director for his company Broken 1 Publishing. But let me back up, and let you know a little about what is this Crown thing.
A Crown of Horns is a fantasy novel set in a mythical world of wizards, evil priests, demons, sword-fights and nightmarish creatures. We follow the main protagonist Draylen(also known as The Damned to his enemies..and he has plenty), as he seeks to avenge all the pain that was thrust upon him as a child, only to be caught up in an ancient prophecy. Along the way, as with any good fantasy story, Draylen meets an assortment of colorful individuals who will play pivotal roles in his journey and personal growth. There's the wise wizard who's guarding a personal tragedy and dark secret. The thief who may be more than he seems. And the warrior princess who's not Xena.

  Now here's where I come in. Crown is an illustrated novel featuring 15 pieces of chapter art (one for every chapter..convenient, right) as well as some spot illustrations. But before I could sit down and draw these chapters there was a ton of design work that went into capturing the characters of this world. Adding to the pressure was the fact that I'm not the most comfortable in a fantasy setting, so it was definitely a challenge.

Once everything was approved I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Then came the really hard part, just finishing the damn thing. The whole purpose of the chapter art was to give the reader a more immersed experience as well as bridge the gap between the literal medium and the visual medium. The art for all the chapters was penciled by me and inked(all but chapter 8) by artist extraordinaire Will Jamison.
(Check out Will's work here: )

But finally the work is over and the book is off to the printers. All in all, it's been a rewarding experience so far and I learned alot on this project. I'm happy to say there will be many more exciting things to come from me and Broken 1 in the future, so make sure you follow the in-and-outs on the Broken 1 facebook site and like us.

That's it for now but tune in next time when we let you know about the next convention we'll be at, reveal the kick-ass cover to the book, as well as info on how you can reserve your copy.


Monday, October 31, 2011

New Beginnings- The Trilogy

Lesson Learned: If you build it, they will come.

Never saw the movie so I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. But people always ask me, "How do you get clients? I'm an artist and I can't find work". Well, my point from that stolen movie line is that there is always work out there for an artist.
Now don't get me wrong, it's hard work. It takes a combination of a lot of individual factors that need to be executed in synchronicity for any kind of positive result. What are those factors? Glad I asked for you. Here are 5 little pointers:

1) Be good at what you do. Plain and simple. If you have enough skill people are going to want to hire you. Same as being the pretty girl in a're going to get hit on.
1a) If you're not so "pretty" honest with yourself and work at it. Practice, practice, practice.

2) Be sociable. Let's say you're not so pretty..or that you are...either way, you have to work the scene. Advertise yourself where-ever you can so people can see what you have to offer. Be it Penciljack, deviantart, facebook, conventions...get out there and be as approachable, persistent, consistent, and involved as you can be. The more people see you the more suitors you will receive.

3) Build a positive relationship. Ok, you've got all of these pursuers and a few stick out. Make sure you show you have some substance by treating the person right. Call when you're supposed to call; try your darndest to hit deadlines(still working on this one). Be on point, in other words.

4) Put out. No, perv! Not like that...that just means to bring your best stuff to the table at all times. What's the point of you doing all that extensive whining about not getting clients, to turn around and deliver sloppy work? Give 'em the night of their life.

5)And last but not least, learn from each relationship. So guess what, you got an artistic STD from that last job. So what?! Now you know what to do in the next one. Maybe you learnt that the guy with the rolex and the mercedez lives at home with his you know not to go for the flashy client with the promises of a movie deal and Oprah's job, but maybe the quiet one that pays for your convention. You don't always have to jump for the big stuff...don't be afraid to work your way up with smaller clients.
(See my last blog about "protecting" yourself.)

Well, weirded out by this blog? Maybe I'm into Halloween after all. In that case, I'll leave you with a fittingly demonic piece from my latest project: A Crown Of Horns. It's from the illustrated novel written by my newest client John F Cullins, and now that "New Beginnings" is done, I'll be talking about Crown of Horns next blog on Friday.

A Crown of Horns Chap 1 poster. Colors by Renee Clarke

Thanks for reading peeps..I hope my little rants help.

Friday, October 28, 2011

New Beginnings Pt2

Lesson Learned: Let business be business.

In other words, in this industry, you have to make sure you protect yourself. And this was made evident when a project I was a part of came to an end because I didn't handle the business side first. The project was called Surian Seed, and while I won't get into details about what caused the split, I will say this --and I mean this from the bottom of my heart-- I am forever grateful things happened the way they did. It's said "if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger", and right about now I could chase an intangible mutant through a bunch of walls.
I know life will teach me many more painful lessons, and I look forward to them all.

But guess what, my headaches are your gain, cause I'm all about here are 5 little tidbits Ive learnt that I want to share with you guys:

1) If it's an extensive project, sign a contract first!
2) Never assume the other person is going to have your best interest at heart
3) If you know something is wrong, stand up for yourself
4) Always be prepared for the wost. Even if the person says "don't worry about money, I'll pay for dinner", keep some cash in your sock.
5) Follow your instincts.

These are just a few of the things I learned from working on the departed Surian Seed project. It's done and I'm moving on. A shame too cause I really liked the design work I did on these. You guys be the judge.

Color work by Walter Otslie, Renee Clarke and James Mason

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Beginnings Pt1

Lesson learned: Don’t be greedy!

I don't know what time you're reading this, but as I write this blog it’s now 6:20AM on Monday morning and I'm crammed in a Greyhound bus seat as the bus sits idling at a rest stop somewhere in a mythical land called “Harrisburg”. My senses are being assaulted from every direction- my nose is tingling from the invasion of a sickly cocktail mix of body funk and bathroom activities; my ears are jolted every 10 seconds by the sound of the guy behind me snoring/snorting; and even though it’s cold outside the air on the bus is set to a nice liquid nitrogen temperature. Combine that with the fact that I’m on my way home from a convention(Wizard Mid-Ohio Con), on top of having done the beast that is the New York Comic Con just last week, plus another con the week before THAT, and you get yourself one really tired, cranky Shawn. And there’s no-one to blame but myself, cause I was being greedy. 

But it was from doing this convention marathon that I gained even more knowledge to add to my art of war tactics, as well as gained new friends and solidified old bonds. Shout-outs to Eric Cooper, Blair Smith, Raphael Moran, Greg LaRocque, Mike and Daxiong, Sam Carlin and Brian Carroll, Sanjit and Maz, John Still, and all other peeps and fans from Garden State Con. Shout out to con neighbors and peeps new and old from New York Con/Anime Con- Symeon, Steve Chung, Arenia, Abede, Rock, Tre, Kia, Sha-Nee,Will, JC, AlCayne, Chris, HD, John Headly, Keith, Q, Dave White, Chris, and tons more. From Mid-Ohio: Sterling, Daniel Leister, Ryan Bodenheim, McLain, Sara Richard, Eroll, Cory Smith, Alan, Dee and Denise for all of their help and Terry  Huddleston for the bags, and yes, all others.

And because of all the talent out there, all the advice, all the support, it's because of all of those things that I feel more rejuvenated than ever. There’s nothing like seeing artist with work so much better than yours who are putting everything they have on the page to make you want to reach their bar (or use it to hang yourself) and say fuck the simple ass artists who just want to make a quick buck. There’s nothing like having Jason Howard(of The Astonishing Wolf-Man and Super Dinosaur fame) come over to your table at Mid-Ohio and give you a compliment. To then come back the next day and see him pouring over your portfolio again, this time pointing out things he likes to a young up and coming artist by the name of Ryan “I Fucking Draw Invincible” Ottley!!! Who also had nothing but kind words to say. Ok, that’s double Wow status, right?
What about having comic legend in the making Kyle Hotz come over, give a compliment, and say he’s going to bite some of your stuff? I know I still have a ways to go, and these guys could be as talented a trickster as they are artists, but it's a start.

Get ready for the masterplan. MMWHA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!

BTW, if you didn't see your name it's just because I didn't think of it at the time. lol


Friday, October 7, 2011


I will be at the NY ANIME Festival next week, Oct13th-16th.

I will be debuting the new project I'm working on called ACrown of Horns.

It's a novel where I'm illustrating the chapter art and the wrap-around cover.

The book is due to drop on 11/11/11

Here's the first chapter with inks by my Artmada compatriot Will "Afromation" Jamaison.

Here're the pencils.

That's it.