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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moving On

So much to do, so little time. How about a preview of a commission I'm working on.

The Life and Times of Bishop

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WWPhilly Recap

Well, it's come and gone. It all came down to 3 days of a lot of work....but it was well worth it.

The love was amazing and I can't thank everyone enough who stopped at the table and made it such a great show. I was pulling double duty of sorts with my own table and then with the Surian Seed booth, but I had a blast. Thanks to everyone who supported both the Street Team book, the Surian book, and my personal art.

Once again I learned so much form this con. I tried something new this time where I feel back from the commissions and tried to sell the book. And let me tell you, that's a whole new beast. As a result I didn't do as many commissions, and my forgetfulness made me not take all the pics of the ones I did do.

I just want to take a second and let everyone know I'll be setting up an online store soon so you can purchase StreetTeam books, Artmada artbooks, and everything else you would like.

Now, on to some pics that I saved for my blog. You can find others on my facebook page at :

Getting that product in on Wednesday(cut it close)

My cat Mink trying to lay claim to his issue of that Street Team heat.

Raheem, creator of Surian Seed checking out the merch
Shoutout to Rink Printing for all the hard work.

At the house going over the book

Friday, ready to do it.
That Surian Seed team. That shoe is SICK!

Ultra Boy commish

Late night/early morning art session..

...That created this

At the con hanging with my boy Kamau and his family

The Artmada crew(with Will's nephew and Kamau's baby filling in for Tre)

Artist extraordinaire Cory Smith. Free Wolvie for the wife...thnx fam. 

That boy Tril

Busy weekend, Raheem throwing down the John Hancock

And it don't stop

"Teach the truth, to the young black youth" Suuuu

Tril with his sister-in-law to be.

Who got blocked out by a customer. Business first peeps.

Surian Seed table handler

Blackfist represent

Me and Will "Afromation" Jamaison at the end of the show

Th-th-th-that's all folks.
If you get a chance check out some of the peeps I mentioned:
Will Afromation Jamaison--
Tre Worrell:
Kamau Mshale:
Cory Smith:
Surian Seed:
StreetTeam: ;!/home.php?sk=group_109247064313


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


As we get closer to this show I'm getting more amped. I don't know if it's because I missed Heroes Con by a margin so I have extra pent up energy; or if I feel like I'll actually have some new stuff to show; or maybe it's because I know I won't have to get patted down by airport security like I did coming from MegaCon. Whatever the reason, Im super excited cause I just received an email letting me know the books I ordered shipped and they should be arriving Wednesday.
Now I know what you're saying: 'Calm down buddy, they didn't get here yet. What if they arrive and every page is blank? What then, genius?'
To which I would retort: 'Shadup wid da intellectual what-not!!'
You see, it doesn't matter. I'm going to go the show and do what I can with whatever I have. If that means I gotta take that blank book, fill it with scribbles and sell that shit back..??..then guess what I'll do?
Thankfully it might not be so hard to get people over to my section, since I'll partnered with the Surian Seed table where we'll have our very own booth babes.

Jaimye Murphy will be appearing at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con as the world's greatest assassin, Range.

Range is considered by many to be the world's greatest assassin, but is she a villain pretending to be a hero or a hero trapped in a villain's world? 

Courtney Denise will be appearing as Hooligan, the Protector of the Dark Realm.

One of the youngest and most powerful mystics walking the planet, Hooligan battles to contain the darkness threatening our realm.   

Come see the ladies (and me) Sat. June18th and 19th at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. They will be available for pictures and autographs at booth 1504 from 11:00am-8:00pm.
Get more info @ :

See you there peeps.

"This is underwater fall training/Lightening shock hail raining/
Last Protector, Ong Bok, big war elephant maiming..." -Geist

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wizard Philly Con Pt3

As I get closer to Wizard I want to highlight one more product I'll have available at the table: the Streem Team Comic.

 This is a book that's close to my heart for many reasons. For one, although I've been involved with some cool projects over the years, this marks only the second full on sequential story I've had published. The first one I was the writer and inker, and for Street Team I co-wrote and inked(although I did pencil and ink the cover), so there's that part of me that wants to have a fully self-drawn story out there someday, but it's still cool to hold an actual comic in your hands that you know you played a role in creating.
Second, the whole concept and creative process is one I'm very proud of. Six creators put aside egos, sacrificed their time and money, to bring their individual Original Characters together to form something greater as a whole. This was a hell of a process, tons of work, and I learned A LOT of things along the way, but I loved every minute of it...mainly BECAUSE of what I learned.
Third, this book serves as a template for so much in my life. It's the start of what could be a great franchise; it is the result of The Street Team VIDEO GAME!!; AND it inspired me get off my lazy bum and develop my own personal character, Aizan!

As for the story itself: it's a gritty urban superhero kung-fu action-thriller with a classic character team-up feel. Street Team: Reign of the Iron Dragon #0 issue serves as the introduction of five individual heroes joining together to topple Oguun, a diabolical despot who will stop at nothing to destroy all of their cities to lay claim to a coveted ultimate weapon.  

Check us out on facebook under "The Almighty Street Team"

If you won't be attending Wizard Con but would still like to purchase a copy of the book, it's currently available on IndyPlanet. Check out the 5 page preview.

A little earlier I mentioned The ST Game, you can check out how that's looking at our IndieGogo site. We're trying to raise enough funds to aid us in taking the game to the next level and we can really use your help. Please take a look and support however you can. Besides helping us out, they're some great prizes being offered. So go look:

And last, I've just been added to the Wizard site:

Alright, that's it..thanks for reading peeps, I know I prattle on so I appreciate your time.

 "..Uchiha Clan cannibal, mental chasms unfathomable/
2000lb pressure mechanical crocodile mandibles..." - Geist

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wizard Philly Con Pt2

Two days in a row? Wow.

Today I wanted to mention another product I'll (hopefully) have at the convention. It's a book called ARTMADA, and it's an artbook showcasing the work of yours truly, as well as the skills of 3 buddies of mine: Kamau M'shale, Tre Worrell, and Will Jamaison. 74 pages of meaty goodness, mainly black and white, with 20 pages of glorious techno-color.
It's called Future Legends, and although it's more of a showcase book, is envisioned almost as a story itself-- where me and the fellas are 4 techno-mystic beings in a future, post apocalyptic wasteland(is there any other kind?)

The book features a collaborative wrap-around cover, with the main portion designed, penciled and inked by me, and individual character avatars penciled and colored by the respective creator. (Mine was colored by Will since I'm the only slacker in the group who can't color.) Graphic design for the whole thing was by Tre, so it really is a total self-contained little group.

The group came about from an idea I discussed with honorary member Mike Colston, about the love of art crews-- guys I idolized like Artzilla and LedHeavy. From there the idea came to form something, and even though I have Xion,(my philly based networking group), I wanted to do something a little more intimate. Artmada was formed with the idea of bringing "underground" artists of like minded sensibilities but divergent art-styles to the forefront. Who knows who might be next to join.

"This is the line in the sand, Art soldiers with ancient plans/
Planting Artmada flags on foreign lands with smoking hands
Our light spans, fantastic 4-ever like comic emissions,
By the time the beams hit your vison, our past is your present position.. " - M.D Geist

thanks for reading

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wizard Philly Con PT1

It's been too long. Let's become friends again shall we?

I just want to let everyone know I'll be appearing at the Wizard Convention here in Philly, from Friday June 17-19th, at table 1502, and I can't wait. might as well say table 1504 as well because my boy Maurice Mander will be there debuting the property we've been working on: Surian Seed.
Yes, slowly but surely the initial release book is coming to a close. The Surian Seed book will be a Universe Guide, giving in-depth bios and facts about the Surian Seed World, similar to those classic Marvel ones I grew up on. And not the corny ones in the mid-to-late nineties where everyone was standing like a child's paper cutout...OR the ones soulless encyclopedic rehashes of recent years..I'm talking classic John Byrnes covers bay-bee!


But I digress. Check out Surian Seed at:!/SurianSeed  for lots more info, character snippets, and of course, artwork. Now of course I want you to go to the FB page and like us, tell a friend or two, etc,etc, but I also wouldn't want to recycle the same art here too. Since this is my personal blog I want to share some exclusive stuff with YOU, the person who's taking time to read my long-windiness. Here's a behind the scene concept sketches for you.

Nothing major, just some skribbles. But once we actually get done with the COMIC, this guy will play a HUGE role.
Aside from Surian Seed stuff, at the con I'll be debuting some more products I'm stoked to speak on, but I guess I'll talk more about that tomorrow.

Shiz, aka M.D. Geist