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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


As we get closer to this show I'm getting more amped. I don't know if it's because I missed Heroes Con by a margin so I have extra pent up energy; or if I feel like I'll actually have some new stuff to show; or maybe it's because I know I won't have to get patted down by airport security like I did coming from MegaCon. Whatever the reason, Im super excited cause I just received an email letting me know the books I ordered shipped and they should be arriving Wednesday.
Now I know what you're saying: 'Calm down buddy, they didn't get here yet. What if they arrive and every page is blank? What then, genius?'
To which I would retort: 'Shadup wid da intellectual what-not!!'
You see, it doesn't matter. I'm going to go the show and do what I can with whatever I have. If that means I gotta take that blank book, fill it with scribbles and sell that shit back..??..then guess what I'll do?
Thankfully it might not be so hard to get people over to my section, since I'll partnered with the Surian Seed table where we'll have our very own booth babes.

Jaimye Murphy will be appearing at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con as the world's greatest assassin, Range.

Range is considered by many to be the world's greatest assassin, but is she a villain pretending to be a hero or a hero trapped in a villain's world? 

Courtney Denise will be appearing as Hooligan, the Protector of the Dark Realm.

One of the youngest and most powerful mystics walking the planet, Hooligan battles to contain the darkness threatening our realm.   

Come see the ladies (and me) Sat. June18th and 19th at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. They will be available for pictures and autographs at booth 1504 from 11:00am-8:00pm.
Get more info @ :

See you there peeps.

"This is underwater fall training/Lightening shock hail raining/
Last Protector, Ong Bok, big war elephant maiming..." -Geist


  1. Congrats! Progression is nice. Keep up the good works.

  2. Thanks so much fam, that means alot.