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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wizard Philly Con Pt2

Two days in a row? Wow.

Today I wanted to mention another product I'll (hopefully) have at the convention. It's a book called ARTMADA, and it's an artbook showcasing the work of yours truly, as well as the skills of 3 buddies of mine: Kamau M'shale, Tre Worrell, and Will Jamaison. 74 pages of meaty goodness, mainly black and white, with 20 pages of glorious techno-color.
It's called Future Legends, and although it's more of a showcase book, is envisioned almost as a story itself-- where me and the fellas are 4 techno-mystic beings in a future, post apocalyptic wasteland(is there any other kind?)

The book features a collaborative wrap-around cover, with the main portion designed, penciled and inked by me, and individual character avatars penciled and colored by the respective creator. (Mine was colored by Will since I'm the only slacker in the group who can't color.) Graphic design for the whole thing was by Tre, so it really is a total self-contained little group.

The group came about from an idea I discussed with honorary member Mike Colston, about the love of art crews-- guys I idolized like Artzilla and LedHeavy. From there the idea came to form something, and even though I have Xion,(my philly based networking group), I wanted to do something a little more intimate. Artmada was formed with the idea of bringing "underground" artists of like minded sensibilities but divergent art-styles to the forefront. Who knows who might be next to join.

"This is the line in the sand, Art soldiers with ancient plans/
Planting Artmada flags on foreign lands with smoking hands
Our light spans, fantastic 4-ever like comic emissions,
By the time the beams hit your vison, our past is your present position.. " - M.D Geist

thanks for reading


  1. Wow thanks for the Honorary Status I am humbled

  2. I was afraid what you would do if I didn't mention you.

  3. The #1 hustler does it again! Sweet Shawn. Gonna check out the table!