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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WWPhilly Recap

Well, it's come and gone. It all came down to 3 days of a lot of work....but it was well worth it.

The love was amazing and I can't thank everyone enough who stopped at the table and made it such a great show. I was pulling double duty of sorts with my own table and then with the Surian Seed booth, but I had a blast. Thanks to everyone who supported both the Street Team book, the Surian book, and my personal art.

Once again I learned so much form this con. I tried something new this time where I feel back from the commissions and tried to sell the book. And let me tell you, that's a whole new beast. As a result I didn't do as many commissions, and my forgetfulness made me not take all the pics of the ones I did do.

I just want to take a second and let everyone know I'll be setting up an online store soon so you can purchase StreetTeam books, Artmada artbooks, and everything else you would like.

Now, on to some pics that I saved for my blog. You can find others on my facebook page at :

Getting that product in on Wednesday(cut it close)

My cat Mink trying to lay claim to his issue of that Street Team heat.

Raheem, creator of Surian Seed checking out the merch
Shoutout to Rink Printing for all the hard work.

At the house going over the book

Friday, ready to do it.
That Surian Seed team. That shoe is SICK!

Ultra Boy commish

Late night/early morning art session..

...That created this

At the con hanging with my boy Kamau and his family

The Artmada crew(with Will's nephew and Kamau's baby filling in for Tre)

Artist extraordinaire Cory Smith. Free Wolvie for the wife...thnx fam. 

That boy Tril

Busy weekend, Raheem throwing down the John Hancock

And it don't stop

"Teach the truth, to the young black youth" Suuuu

Tril with his sister-in-law to be.

Who got blocked out by a customer. Business first peeps.

Surian Seed table handler

Blackfist represent

Me and Will "Afromation" Jamaison at the end of the show

Th-th-th-that's all folks.
If you get a chance check out some of the peeps I mentioned:
Will Afromation Jamaison--
Tre Worrell:
Kamau Mshale:
Cory Smith:
Surian Seed:
StreetTeam: ;!/home.php?sk=group_109247064313



  1. Congrats man! I'm still peeping your game evolve. It's great. Keep building your name!

  2. Thanks J, just trying to build fam. Your growth is an inspiration.

  3. Stand Alone-- appreciate that bruh. And thanks for unknowingly putting me own with Wu-disciples.