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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Motherload

Ok, so much for keeping that schedule. It seems like I owe you guys about 4 blogs now, but fortunately for you I have a bunch of stuff to unload, so let's skip the small talk and get right into it.

First off, I have some extra photos from Chicago.

Joe Currie of the Almighty Street Team crew and resident Chicagian doing his thing. Bigups for letting me and my boy Will crash at his spot for the con.

My Artmada brother Will Jamison


A delicious Catwoman


Black Panel discussion:(l-r) Jamal Igle, Ashly Woods, Mshindo.

Ok, digital bus-stops. Step it up Philly

Start of an Iron Fist sketch

Some more..forgot to take a pic of the finished version

Good peeps from the show

Some "Umbrella Academy" love


Taste the fist

Great lady who show support to Street Team

With Joe and Will at Chicago's famous Giodarno's

Finally, after 2 years, I'm getting authentic Chicago deep dish pizza

Would've been nice if I could've made it a bbq chicken pineapple. Oh well.


Next up, pics from Pittsburgh, one of the best shows out there. It has this amazing family feel to it.

One of the cool things at Pittsburgh is that they always have this amazing pre-show party in the Penthouse of one of the sponsored hotels. You get to hang out with other artists to draw, drink and draw some more. They provide you with these little tiles and all the sharpies you can sniff. The tiles are then auctioned off at the show the next day, and all the proceeds go to a worthy cause. I believe it's the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, but don't quote me on that.Unfortunately I didn't do one this year, but I'll be ready next year.

Breakfast at the Hampton Inn. It tastes even better when it's legit.

Artist extraordinaire Blair Smith

Creator owned cos-play

Some supporters got my GL piece colored.

Blair again..providing some ref..

For a Thanos commissh

A nice Rouge

Power Ranger(?) and Thor-ess

Some bloody Zombies

So cute..Thor and little Thor

Emma Frost(NOT Ghost as I erroneously guessed) and yet another Thor

Domino and Silver Sable

Hugo Strange

Wolverine commission


Ash and Poison Ivy

Scarecrow with Scrowcrow

SaintWalker commission

Stan Lee tatt...THAT'S  a fan.

Sweet X-23 alternate

  Darth Vader getting some lunch  

Zatanna and Blk Canary

Some nice Kabuki...don't see enough of this.

STAN! THE MAN! LEE!(I got my signed Romeo and Juliet)

Another Tony



Doom and X-23?! You da man D!

Special shout out to my main man Alec who helped me out at the table over the weekend.

The train doesn't stop. Last Saturday was the Eastern Shore Fan Con (, a surprise hit show. Don't let anyone tell you the small shows can't hold their own with the big boys.

Vega, doing all kinds of Vega things, with Ibuki

One of the many lovely cos-players

How can you not love a convention that serves this type of food.

My convention neighbor Jabaar Brown of Underground Comix

Awwww, look at the itty-bitty Iwon Man

Jabaar and his lovely wife Alison

Knightseeker novelist Eric Cooper taking a break

Crimson Viper

God I can't wait to do some Juri fan art.

Son Goku

Another great cos-player

Killed it!

A little Death action for ya.

A commissh of a female black America and Germany from Hetalia

Oh, and last but not least, me and Juri

So there you have it, one nice big drop of everything so far. Next up, I'll be traveling out to Jersey for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday May 5th, at the Voorhees Town Center. I'll be there with a bunch of cool artists exhibiting, sketching, and enjoying the fanboy's version of Christmas.

Catch you later this week where I try to be ontime for my next blog.



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