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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wizard Philly Con Pt3

As I get closer to Wizard I want to highlight one more product I'll have available at the table: the Streem Team Comic.

 This is a book that's close to my heart for many reasons. For one, although I've been involved with some cool projects over the years, this marks only the second full on sequential story I've had published. The first one I was the writer and inker, and for Street Team I co-wrote and inked(although I did pencil and ink the cover), so there's that part of me that wants to have a fully self-drawn story out there someday, but it's still cool to hold an actual comic in your hands that you know you played a role in creating.
Second, the whole concept and creative process is one I'm very proud of. Six creators put aside egos, sacrificed their time and money, to bring their individual Original Characters together to form something greater as a whole. This was a hell of a process, tons of work, and I learned A LOT of things along the way, but I loved every minute of it...mainly BECAUSE of what I learned.
Third, this book serves as a template for so much in my life. It's the start of what could be a great franchise; it is the result of The Street Team VIDEO GAME!!; AND it inspired me get off my lazy bum and develop my own personal character, Aizan!

As for the story itself: it's a gritty urban superhero kung-fu action-thriller with a classic character team-up feel. Street Team: Reign of the Iron Dragon #0 issue serves as the introduction of five individual heroes joining together to topple Oguun, a diabolical despot who will stop at nothing to destroy all of their cities to lay claim to a coveted ultimate weapon.  

Check us out on facebook under "The Almighty Street Team"

If you won't be attending Wizard Con but would still like to purchase a copy of the book, it's currently available on IndyPlanet. Check out the 5 page preview.

A little earlier I mentioned The ST Game, you can check out how that's looking at our IndieGogo site. We're trying to raise enough funds to aid us in taking the game to the next level and we can really use your help. Please take a look and support however you can. Besides helping us out, they're some great prizes being offered. So go look:

And last, I've just been added to the Wizard site:

Alright, that's it..thanks for reading peeps, I know I prattle on so I appreciate your time.

 "..Uchiha Clan cannibal, mental chasms unfathomable/
2000lb pressure mechanical crocodile mandibles..." - Geist


  1. Again with the hot verses? That's it. *slams down pencil, picks up pen, grabs notebook*'s time to step my game up, Shawn.

    Lol j/k...congrats on everything you have going and good luck at Wizard!

  2. Hah!...You're comical sis. Besides, I spit that one for you already.
    Do your thing though, I'm ready for some fresh heat.
    Thnx for the well wishes.