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Friday, November 18, 2011

Best Laid Plans

So I'll just cut to the chase- I was supposed to drop my regular blogs over the last few days and and it never happened. The way I figure it I owe you guys 3 blogs worth of updates/art and I like to deliver. Yes, I'm sometimes late on my commissions or projects, but one thing I always try to do is be fair. If I'm late I always try to find some way to make it up to the person--whether that be a discount, a free poster, free art, whatever--I always try to make it right. And for anyone who sticks by me, please believe I'm going to stick by YOU!

So here now are some pieces of art that I wasn't planning on dropping just yet, but I feel you deserve the backstage access.

Character turn-around of Taken from A Crown of Horns
Chapter 15 art from A Crown of Horns
Street Team Universe entry of "Surge" from A Hero's Diary

Street Team Universe entry of "Aaron" from A Hero's Diary
Street Team Universe entry of "Black Aizan" from AIZAN, my creator owned project.
Commission for Ben Rosario III. Colors by K. Myles.
I hope you enjoyed this peek into the stash, next month I might drop one just for shits and giggles. Dropping these has raised a pretty big question for me though. People have been asking me to put together a solo artbook for a while now, and while I've released some sketchbooks in the past, the benifit of hindsight has shown me how piss-poor they were. I feel time is right to put together an official Art of Shawn Alleyne tome. To do it right though, I would love to launch a kickstarter to aid in the presentation. I was thinking of doing it in December, but I'm scared that that would be too tough of a month for people to donate, with all the holidays and stuff. Which brings me back to that question I mentioned: Do you think I should wait till next year to launch a kickstarter? I appreciate all advise.


"This is under-waterfall training/Lightening shock, hail raining
Last Protector, Ong Bok, big war elephant maiming." - Geist

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  1. A great idea and presentation on Kickstarter will find donations regardless of the season. If you require another month or so to polish your presentation, then by all means take the time and do so, but if you're ready to go now (or in a few days/weeks), then go now. Just remember, art is global and it's not the holiday season everywhere on the planet.