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Monday, November 7, 2011

Wizards and Flying Things

Happy Monday Peoples!

How were your weekends? Creative I hope.
As promised on Friday I have some more info regarding A Crown Of Horns that will allow you to finally breathe again.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday(Nov. 11-13th) I will be in Austin, Texas for the Wizard Comic Con. I'll have the usual assortment of goodies: namely Street Team comics, posters and video games; give-aways; prints of some of your favorite characters; and some fancy-dancy paper ready to be made into commissions. (No, seriously! I just got some engraved, personalized sheets I'm dying to try out.)
And making his first convention appearance behind a table will be John Cullins, author of A Crown of Horns.We'll be holding it down with some cool stuff and will be taking all your Crown related questions. Check the Wizard site for more details on the show:

This will be my first time in Texas and only my second time flying this year. Got-DAMN I'm nervous! Pray for me people.


Oohhhhhhhh yeah!!
Shoutout to Blair 'Bad-mamma-jamma' Smith for the sick color work. As you can see the cover is a wrap-around illustration sporting all the major characters in the book. From the top clockwise we have the baddy Demonra, Serenity the Royal guard, Taken the thief, Gerrick the wizard, Draylen the Damned, Temple Priest, and...a kid praying by a well. (Don't worry, he's there for a reason).

1) go to the facebook site: 
2) inbox your message saying you want to reserve a copy
3) provide your email and any contact info

Right now the book is at the printers and we're still getting all the last minute trimmings situated, with the biggest detail being the final cost of the book, but we're looking at something within the $15-$20 range. As soon as we have more info we'll let you guys know.
And don't forget, on the Crown FB site we'll be doing 2 contests. One will be for all the people who've liked us so far, and another (with even more awesome prizes) will be for all the people who pre-order a copy of the book.

Since I'll be in Texas on Friday I'll be posting a special Thursday blog, with my weekend wrap-up next Monday. Thanks for viewing peeps.


"I'm earthly born but heaven sent/ This is water-walking movement
I cross seas and turn oceans to streams/
Cross streams, and turn liquid to steam
My presence pristine/touch bitches and turn the wicked to Queens."- Geist


  1. U afraid? cmon, they should be afraid - cuz they're about to see this amazing artwork. I'd be worried that the writing can't keep up with the expectations set by the cover!!

  2. almost forgot, props to Blair Smith too! great job all around.

  3. Wow! I knew you would make it out there! Have an awesome time and do your thing. You guys are amazing! God will get you there safely and back!

  4. Omar-- I meant the flight..hate flying. lol