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Monday, November 21, 2011

Black Friday Sale!

Yup, I may not love the name but that won't stop the sales. From this Friday all the way through the weekend to Cyber-Monday, I will be offering a sale on all posters in my portfolio for...wait for it......50% OFF!! 
Not only that, but you will receive A FREE GIFT WITH EVERY PURCHASE!!

And just in case you don't find what you're looking for but would love a piece of ORIGINAL art, I'm offering a discount on ANY commission you name. How about a pin-up, character design or logo? How about a special holiday themed commission  for Christmas, New Years or other? You name it, it's yours for a REDUCED PRICE!
So check out the art and make your choice now!

*Also, there was a mistake on the price listings for the posters, and you'll be happy to know that the price of the 14x20 posters isn't $20, but ONLY $$15! So you'll be getting 50% off of $15.
* In addition, I have black and white versions of almost all of my pieces available, and those are only $8 or 2 for 10!!
* Just $5 covers all shipping and handling.

So to celebrate the sale, here are 5 new available additions to the black and white gallery:

Dodger- 11x17 $8 (2 for $10)
Dr. Doom - 11x17 $8 (2 for $10)
Heroes and Villains- 11x17 $8 (2 for $10)
Omega Red 11x17 $8 (2 for $10)
Sinestro 11x17 $8 (2 for $10)



  1. My mans... Let's say I wanted an original piece done. Do you base your price on what it is or how long it takes or whatever? 'Cause I was thinking of maybe a drawing and/or an actual scene for this or these raps I have wrote. If/when you can, could you possibly email me at I would appreciate it. And your drawings are too legit! Have a good day fam.

  2. Check your gmail Fam. Great works as usual :)

  3. Yo Black- got you fam, thanks for the love. Check your email for a reply.