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Friday, December 2, 2011


Hey peeps, hope the week's been swell. Wow...that sounded corny as hell.

Anyways, no time for anything deep, so I figured I would just post extra art. Today though, I'm doing something a lot of people keep asking me to do-- show my creative process. No real magic..I just do a bunch of scribbles to get the feel of what I want; look at some pics to get inspiration(thank you Google); and do a finished piece.

Today's subject is a character called Tusk, also from A Hero's Diary and an entry into the upcoming Street Team Universe Guide. This character was co-created by me and Koran Curtis, and is a particularly nasty fella who lives in Philly's sewers and subway tunnels, doing dirty sewer and subway things.

Starts with a rough sketch to get the body type and/or specific features down. In this case we were thinking of making him disfigured and misshapen.  
Went away from the misshapen, just...different. Thought of giving him a mask and making him the leader of a (literal) underground gang. I don't know what the HELL that thing is in the right corner.
Cleaned up the scan a little. Not sold on the design though.
Tweaks...going back to just slightly misshaped. Still thinking about a mask or some kind of weird element to his face. Like Faust from Guilty Gear.
Official entry for the book, all nice and inked. Liked the pose from the sketch so kept it kind of similar. Combined some elements from the sketches-- he's only slightly deformed(is there such a thing? lol) Swapped out the hook on the chain (too Lobo-ish) for a man-hole cover(still going to hurt and if swung right can still slice ya). Threw a tire on his face. Yes, I said it, a F*$#ing TIRE.

And that's it. More details on this guy will be dropping in a month or so.
Now, it's on to the next one..some sketches and a special project called PORTAL!


"This is the Book of Eli years, where lost artwork is the sacred prayers/
And where our work is here/ in libraries that span a 1000 acres/
Yet endangered so pages is buried in craters/
Surrounded by morlocks and lasers/Bio-marauders and gators/
Only reached by sideways moving, geo-fueling elevators..."-Geist


  1. NICE B R E A K D O W N !
    NICE lyrics always!
    Keep both flowin'

  2. sideways moving, geo-fueling elevators..."-??? WTF, i'm stealing that for my sci-fi story!! LOL

  3. Trying to keep my spit game up man, thnx.

    And steal away...remember, you were the one I stole "Divine Speech" from. lol