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Monday, October 24, 2011

New Beginnings Pt1

Lesson learned: Don’t be greedy!

I don't know what time you're reading this, but as I write this blog it’s now 6:20AM on Monday morning and I'm crammed in a Greyhound bus seat as the bus sits idling at a rest stop somewhere in a mythical land called “Harrisburg”. My senses are being assaulted from every direction- my nose is tingling from the invasion of a sickly cocktail mix of body funk and bathroom activities; my ears are jolted every 10 seconds by the sound of the guy behind me snoring/snorting; and even though it’s cold outside the air on the bus is set to a nice liquid nitrogen temperature. Combine that with the fact that I’m on my way home from a convention(Wizard Mid-Ohio Con), on top of having done the beast that is the New York Comic Con just last week, plus another con the week before THAT, and you get yourself one really tired, cranky Shawn. And there’s no-one to blame but myself, cause I was being greedy. 

But it was from doing this convention marathon that I gained even more knowledge to add to my art of war tactics, as well as gained new friends and solidified old bonds. Shout-outs to Eric Cooper, Blair Smith, Raphael Moran, Greg LaRocque, Mike and Daxiong, Sam Carlin and Brian Carroll, Sanjit and Maz, John Still, and all other peeps and fans from Garden State Con. Shout out to con neighbors and peeps new and old from New York Con/Anime Con- Symeon, Steve Chung, Arenia, Abede, Rock, Tre, Kia, Sha-Nee,Will, JC, AlCayne, Chris, HD, John Headly, Keith, Q, Dave White, Chris, and tons more. From Mid-Ohio: Sterling, Daniel Leister, Ryan Bodenheim, McLain, Sara Richard, Eroll, Cory Smith, Alan, Dee and Denise for all of their help and Terry  Huddleston for the bags, and yes, all others.

And because of all the talent out there, all the advice, all the support, it's because of all of those things that I feel more rejuvenated than ever. There’s nothing like seeing artist with work so much better than yours who are putting everything they have on the page to make you want to reach their bar (or use it to hang yourself) and say fuck the simple ass artists who just want to make a quick buck. There’s nothing like having Jason Howard(of The Astonishing Wolf-Man and Super Dinosaur fame) come over to your table at Mid-Ohio and give you a compliment. To then come back the next day and see him pouring over your portfolio again, this time pointing out things he likes to a young up and coming artist by the name of Ryan “I Fucking Draw Invincible” Ottley!!! Who also had nothing but kind words to say. Ok, that’s double Wow status, right?
What about having comic legend in the making Kyle Hotz come over, give a compliment, and say he’s going to bite some of your stuff? I know I still have a ways to go, and these guys could be as talented a trickster as they are artists, but it's a start.

Get ready for the masterplan. MMWHA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!

BTW, if you didn't see your name it's just because I didn't think of it at the time. lol


1 comment:

  1. Ok. I hear the fury raging underneath the tow and flow of words.
    Ok. I see the black ops/stealth, rage against the machine and all things graphic defining the ascension of new type of hero.
    Ok. I feel a storm black positivity and creativity surging.
    Stakes is high, advance the art of war code, rewire the matrix, the pen is the sword, the mind is the weapon so keep the smith and wesson
    - lets git it on.