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Monday, January 16, 2012

Online Convention Jan 28th-29th

I'm a firm believer in the thinking that you can say Happy New Year till the end of January. And since this is my first blog of 2012...HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!
I apologize for not saying it sooner, but time got away from me and I've been hella-busy.
Doing what?
Preparing for the start of convention season, that's what!
Since my first comic con back in 2005 I've been slowly but surely adding more shows to my yearly tours, and my plan for this year was to do 12 shows, one a month, starting with Wizard New Orleans at the end of January. Unfortunately that's not going to happen. So as I sat re-strategizing my next move, a lightbulb went off: why not have my own convention, one where EVERYBODY could make it? Thus, the PYRO-EXPO was born!

No, this won't be a warehouse sale for will be me making all of the items I have at conventions available for purchase online. The dates are Jan 28th and 29th, the same days I would've been at Wizard New Orleans. And not only will you be able to purchase everything in my collection, I'll be offering all items at my lower than usual convention rates. Sketches and all.
As an added bonus, I'll also be debuting 3 of my newly finished fully colored posters I was saving for the con season- OMEGA RED, SINESTRO, AND WATCHMEN! Now, YOU get to see them first. I have a few other things in the works I want to add to the show to make it a special event, so stay tuned for more announcements.

In another bit of news, I recently announced the winners of my first ever Pyroglyphics Raffle, and you can see the results in the video below.

Thanks for reading and watching peeps,


'I crave "Pyroglyphics" on the sides of pyramids/My vision is myriad
Guidance slash graffiti hybrid/
The message revealed later on the floor of dry lake-beds...' - Geist. 


  1. Innovative! :)
    Your own convention!!
    BTW, nice crisp, fresh image ya got there! :)

  2. lol...thanks fam, the guy that took it is a pretty good photographer.