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Friday, January 27, 2012

PyroExpo Starts Tomorrow

It's almost here! PyroExpo, my first ever online convention will start tomorrow Saturday, Jan 28th, and continue through Sunday, Jan 29th. Get all things Pyroglyphics from the safety and comfort of your home without having to lug to a convention.
All of the items I usually sell at conventions will be available for purchase online, from posters to books,  to sketches and commissions at my lower than usual convention rates. As promised, I added 3 of my newly finished fully colored posters to the lineup- OMEGA RED, SINESTRO, AND SCARECROW(sorry folks, Watchmen isn't available yet)!Here is the link to the facebook page with sale items.

Now, what makes this so special from other online cons? Not only you can purchase all items for a straight 48 hours(just send an email, message me on FB or post here), but I've also decided to broadcast live from 10am-8pm on Saturday and 10am-7pm on Sunday!! The goal is to enable you to purchase items directly from me, chat, ask me any art related questions, or anything else for that matter. Just tune into the link below starting tomorrow at 10am to see me in my grizzly glory.

The other thing I want for the live show is spotlight a different artist every hour. So if you want a mention or know someone who deserves a mention, send all pertinent info to  (or, post it here or message me on FB).
Now, I'm new to this..if for some reason the link doesn't work or I can't make it happen at the last minute, still support if you can. You can still link to my facebook page and hit me up to purchase whatever you need.
I'll keep my facebook page open all day so you can hit me up that way or via email.

Now, some art. Here are the new pieces available:

Sinestro Fear 11x17/$15
Colors: Renee Clarke

Omega Red Unleashed 11x17/$15
Colors: Renee Clarke

Scarecrow Arkham Madness 11x17/$15
Colors: Renee Clarke

Purchase Details:
Just choose your items from the facebook page:, email or message me with your order, send your payment through paypal, then wait for glorious art to arrive. See..? Easy!
There's even a chance your order might include some free stuff. No promises though.

All Sale Items:
-Street Team Comic Pack...$25(add $10 S&H)
Contains: XLG Street Team Poster; LG Street Team Pin-up; Street Team Comic; Street Team Video Game; 2 Medium Postcards; 1 Trading Card; 1 Magnet


Each additional character...$15

Not so fine print:
*Prints vary in price depending on size, selection and/or color.
* Yes, there is a deal for multiple orders. Deals increase if you purchase more stuff.
* An additional $5 will be added to orders to cover Shipping and Handling, with $1 extra for additional prints.(Please ask for international shipping rates.)
*All prints come signed and are on heavy duty card-stock paper.
* Orders can be placed through email or comment. Be sure to mention:
- Name of Print(s) you'd like
-Full Mailing Address
-Full Name
* Payment will be through Paypal but I am open to other forms
* Please allow 2-3weeks from initial Order confirmation for Shipments-- I'm doing this myself and sometimes it takes a while to get everything together and/or wait for prints to arrive.

Once again, thank you all for you support in advance.


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