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Sunday, February 5, 2012

MegaCon Feb17-19

That's right peeps, I'll be heading down to sunny Florida in a few short weeks for the magnificent MegaCon.

I'll be in Artist Alley(I'll try to get an exact location for you) and as always, I'm accepting pre-commissions for pickup only. Sketches either be medium(8x10)-$45 or large(11x17)-$75 with $15 for each additional character. The sweet thing about the pre-orders is I'll be able to put a little extra on it so you get a little more bang for your buck.
To all my Flo-ridians I'll see you there.

Now I know I missed a couple blogs  and I only have 1 piece for you today, but I'll make it up to you next Friday with some extras plus a special announcement.

Green Lantern Commissh 11x17


"...I shatter wombs birthing a style worse than Doom/
And spit darts walking through waves and monsoons.."-Geist

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