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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Philly Wizard 2012

Whadup peeps! It's official, I will be attending the Wizard Convention here in Philly next week. I must give thanks to the man Eric Cooper for helping a brother out, and I hope to see you guys there.

Speaking of Eric, Mr. Knight Seeker himself, I was recently asked to do a commission for him featuring his title character and the late Trayvon Martin. The thing I like about Eric is while a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon of the Treyvon case just for the sake of it it seems, Eric really took this matter personally and seriously. So while the rest of the bandwagoners have fallen off, Eric still follows the case and seeks to keep attention drawn to this important matter.

KnightSeeker and Treyvon Martin. Colors coming soon

Eric debuted the black and white version at ECBACC last weekend, and will be showcasing the colored version at Wizard next week. He and I will be sitting next to each other for the show and table details will be coming shortly.
Oh, and in case you didn't know, this year Wizard Philly will be adding a special preview night to the con. It'll be going from Thurs May 30th-Sun June 3rd. Not only that, I just found out the other day that ALL 5 STAR TREK CAPTAINS WILL BE APPEARING TOGETHER!!! First time in history supposedly. Check out the site for more details:

And since this blog feels a little light, here's a quick little prelim version.

Catch you tomorrow when I unveil some of the new art I'l;l be debuting at the show.


"Only a bitch would have to use a mecca/ Real men train their minds and body to mentally handle the pressure.."- Geist


  1. While the drawing is of quality, it doesn't do much for the tragedy of the case and the irresponsibility of portraying Travon as some kind of "angel." Having a bad thing happen doesn't make a person good, and anyone leeching onto the case to enlighten the world on the evils of prejudice would be better off choosing a better example or else look the fool.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I respect your opinion and the right for everyone to please don't take offense when I say I don't think it was "irresponsible" at all to portray Treyvon as an angel. This is my interpretation, that's it. I can't speak for the client Eric Cooper on whether on not he wants to "enlighten the world on the evils of prejudice..", all I know is that's a shame what happened. If there is a God, who says he wouldn't accept Trey as an angel? Who are we to judge? Again, thank you for you comment, it is much appreciated. It is always my hope that my pieces will invoke some sort of thought or feeling. That is what real art represents to me.