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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Nu-Perspective: NIGHTWATCH

What's up peeps!! Welcome to another installment of Nu-Perspective, THEE home of revamps and updates of various underdeveloped, underutilized and all-but-forgotten Nubian (black) characters!!
Here we are in the dead of summer bout to drop even MORE heat on you. My Nu-P collaborator Fabian Wood and I will be shedding the spotlight on a character who started off as a Spawn rip-off, and who's backstory was a head-scratcher to figure out and revamp, but we think we nailed it. Without further ado we give you: NIGHTWATCH!!

Original Nightwatch design. Art by Ron Lim.

Shawn Alleyne Nu-Perspective redesign

Real Name: Dr Kevin Barry Trench
Current Alias: Nightwatch
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Physician, Vigilante
Place of Birth: North Dakota
Base of Operations: Los Angeles
Affiliations: N/A

First Appearance: Web of Spider-man #97 (1993)
Original Creators: Terry Kavanagh, Derek Yaniger & Alex Saviuk

Story: In the original story of Dr Kevin Trench, it was said that one night he witnessed a costumed crime fighter lose his life fighting a group of terrorists. Unmasking the deceased would-be superhero, Dr Trench made the horrific discovery that it was himself, but an older version. Hoping to avoid that tragic fate, Dr Trench stole his future self’s costume; but it was this very act that would lead him to become the nocturnal vigilante known as “Nightwatch”. He then fought alongside other New York crime fighters for many years, including the likes of Spider-man, Venom, Captain America, Deathlok, Firestar, and more, eventually retiring as NightWatch and even "dying". 

Years later a Kevin Trench shows up to hire attorney Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk to solve a mysterious case. It was eventually discovered by She-Hulk that the man known as Dr Kevin Trench was originally the super-criminal “Nighteater”, who had grown despondent with his villainous lifestyle, and through magically altering the “vibrational attunement of reality” was able to re-write his own history and make it seem as though he was Nightwatch, the selfless superhero. Thanks to the spell, which cost hundreds of people their lives, most of the universe is unaware of Trench's criminal history. Instead, they remember him as a heroic Nightwatch figure. As a consequence, some (if not all) of his recorded history as "Nightwatch" may be completely inaccurate, as the spell was cast at an unspecified point in his history. With the secret discovered She-Hulk brough Trench to justice.

Most recently, it was uncovered his original origin as Nighteater was much darker that initially believed. He was a chosen servant of the Illuminati-like cult “The Pride”, a clandestine criminal superpower (made up of surreptitious aliens, time-travelers and mutants). Growing to detest his overlords it pushed Nighteater to re-write reality so he could hide in plain sight.
However, now that the spell is lifted, The Pride (who answer to their own masters of the ancient, extraterrestrial mages called “The Gibborim”) are on the hunt for Trench. With this new development Trench must now stay alive, fight to bring an end to the remnants of The Pride once and for all, and perhaps atone for his crimes and the deaths he has caused in the original timeline.

Powers/Abilities: Apparently one truth is that Trench is skilled as a physician, and thus has an extensive knowledge of the human anatomy. An extension of this knowledge is that it has allowed him to develop his own form of self-defense which exploits weak points and critical areas of the human body to down foes in seconds.

Paraphernalia: Nightwatch’s costume is comprised of highly advanced self-replicating nanites that enhance his physical attributes and senses to super-human levels. They provide a considerable degree of durability (bullet-proof), but if damaged, can rapidly regenerate itself or damaged tissue, organs or bones. The nanites also possess environmental camouflage, giving him a cloaking ability. In addition they grant Nightwatch a level of tactile techno-pathy, and also allow him to merge other technology with his. Another feature is that it gives him an omni-directional “danger sense”, but only for an area of 100 meters. The nanites can, to a degree, supply protection and oxygen is dangerous environments such as irradiated areas, under water or places with extreme temperatures. The nanites in his "cape" can respond subconsciously to Trench's thoughts to form highly malleable "tendrils" to grab and hold things and they can increase or decrease in scale and form. In some cases it allows him to guide long distances on air currents, mimicking actual flight.

Extra: It is unclear how Trench originally gained his nanotech costumme. 


And there you have it. 

Check out his original look and story and let us know if you like what we did with this revamp. Then see ya sooner than later for another Nu-Perspective.
What IS Nu-Perspective you ask? Well, it’s a bi-weekly column I started with my writing partner Fabian Wood with the purpose of spotlighting, revamping and updating various underdeveloped, underutilized and all-but-forgotten Nubian comic book and pop culture characters. Our goal is to showcase them in fresh, contemporary and exciting ways both visually and story-wise.   

Fine print: All characters are copyrights and trademarks of the respective publishers and creators. This column is used solely for artistic enjoyment. We aim to showcase Nubian characters in fresh, contemporary and exciting ways both visually and story-wise.


Q&A with Fabian and Shawn with bonus sketches and ref pics 

Original pose and look but it wasn't coming together.

What do you like most about the character? 
I hate to say it but I never liked the character. However, THIS version Fabian and I did...? Imwould read that all day!!!

Did the character pose a challenge to update and if so what was the hardest part of the redesign?   
The hardest part for me was incorporating the Spawn-ish type designs of the original costume into the new look. Aside from that I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted to do. Oh, and actually the second hardest thing was a pose. I couldn't get it right at first.

In hindsight is there anything you would do differently now? 

What made you choose this character? 
If anyone needs the Nu-Persp[ective treatment it's THIS guy.



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