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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Character from a story I was planning on doing called "VS".  From '06. Wow, check the cd player and horrible anatomy.

I saw a post by Ryan Ottley on DA a few months back that really got me thinking. In it he was talking about artwork of his he hated and not wanting people to see it. So he burnt them. The pieces not the people. As much as I hate a lot of stuff I draw, and there's A LOT of stuff I won't dare show people, I can't bring myself to destroy my work. However, there's some stuff that's in my portfolio that I'm retiring...not only is this stuff old but it's just bad art. And I've decided to publicly  share that retirement with you.
 Why? Not sure. Maybe I stand by where I was skill-wise when I did the piece. Maybe it's not that big of a deal. I will admit I'm a little nervous...there's something to be said for having bad art existing in this new digital environment that never forgets. I mean, suppose someone pulls up a horrible old piece of mine that they think represents the 2011 Shawn and that takes away from possible employment? Can't afford too much (or any) of that. But hopefully, that won't be the case.
Anyways, here's the first piece I will forever retire from my portfolio. Be kind.



  1. It's not bad at all, Shawn. Sure, it's not great and dated but we can all look back at our work and see how far we've progressed which is an obviously good thing. I know I can go back and say to myself, what the hell was I thinking. lol. But, it happens. I wouldn't worry too much about early work being preceived as current work. It's pretty easy to tell which is which.

  2. I understand your thoughts Brotha...but I feel strongly about NOT removing old art from your portfolio. Sure you can pick and choose what you want to show others, but never loose the opportunity to look back on your works and see where you came from. The road to the future is always paved by the bricks of the past. How can one truly progress, if ya can't see were you have progressed from? And by the way, this is a freaking, beautifully bad-ass piece!!! Funny how some peoples trash is other peoples treasures!!!
    Stay Animated & Much 2D Luv my Brotha!!!

  3. You want to hang on to some of that old art. How do you see how far you have gone, if you can't look back? A few years back I lost a lot of my art due to a flood. I often wish I had more to look back at from time to time. Everybody has some good with some bad, its inevitable, but honestly this looks pretty cool. Of course it is a product of its time, but it is designed well. These are the gems that keep us going as artists.