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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Surian Seed

Infinite/ colors by Walter Ostlie

colors by Walter Ostlie   

The characters above are part of a new story I've been commissioned to do called Surian Seed. The concept was created by Maurice Mander Jr,  and due to life being life, we both faced major obstacles that forced us to constantly  stop, then restart the project. At first I was brought on just to flesh out artwork already started by another artist.Over the course of time, as is my nature, when I'm involved in a part I can't help but give my 2 (sometimes 3) cents worth, and the concept is currently being developed by us both. Maurice is still the creator and owner, and I'm in the background sprinkling on the spice in the form of character design, story elements and edits. With the help of a few great colorists, like Blair Smith,Watler Ostlie (who hooked up the above pics) and others, we hope to forge ahead with this project to a final release.

Infinite- Infinite is a man burdened with trying to save not just the human race, but the whole cosmos. The threat is a new savage race of alien beings called The Surians, a race hellbent on spreading their dominance throughout the multi-verse. Infinite must now gather a new generation of heroes together to prevent the extinction of mankind!

Sinnerblock- A man cursed and blessed with power not of this world, this gentle giant joins Infinite in his quest to save the world.

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