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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Art For Sale Pt2

Hey peeps, it's time for me to open the gates once again and offer the second wave of posters for sale. This allows you the opportunity to purchase artwork from the safety and comfort of your home without having to lug to a convention.
Before I post the pics though, here's the link for the blog that contained the first set of posters:
Details for purchasing will be below the artwork. Enjoy and thank you in advance for your support.

Snake Eyes vs Stormshadow
11x17- Special LOW price of $10!!
Colors: Blair Smith
Breakout- Batman vs Clayface
Colors: Blair Smith
StreetFighter- Cammy Attention
Colors: Renee Clarke
Deadpool vs Afro Samurai
11x17- Special LOW price of $10!!
Colors: Blair Smith
Hip Hop Tribute- H.E.R Truth
This is one of my most personal pieces of art to date...There is a much deeper meaning here than just a woman's body...she represents the BEAUTY and TRUTH of what REAL hip-hop is to me. Feel free to ask any questions before you judge.

Colors: Blair Smith
Dark Phoenix Embrace
Colors: Blair Smith
X-Men Menage
Colors: R`enee Clarke
StreetFighter- Sagat Tiger Strike
Colors: Renee Clarke

What's that you say? How can you get yours? Just choose your fav(s), email me with your order, send your payment, wait for glorious art to arrive. See..? Easy!
There's even a chance your order might include some free stuff. No promises though.

Here's the full breakdown:
*All prints are either 11x17($10) or 14x18($20) and vary in price because of size.
* Yes, there is a deal for multiple orders: (2) 11x17 prints will only cost $15 and (2) 14x18 prints will only cost $30. Deals in crease if you purchase more stuff.
* An additional $5 will be added to orders to cover Shipping and Handling, with $1 extra for additional prints.(Please ask for international shipping rates.)
*All prints come signed and are on heavy duty card-stock paper.
* Orders can be placed through email or comment. Be sure to mention:
- Name of Print(s) you'd like
-Full Mailing Address
-Full Name
* Payment will be through Paypal but I am open to other forms
* Contact me at


* Please allow 2-3weeks from initial Order confirmation for Shipments-- I'm doing this myself and sometimes it takes a while to get everything together and/or wait for prints to arrive.

Once again, thank you all for you support in advance.

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