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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reflection Eternal

"The name of the game...Persistence, dedication,Consistent motivation/Resistance to stagnation..."- Reflection Eternal

It's been a month since my birthday, and even though I don't celebrate them, I received a special gift-- the gift of Truth. When some business associates revealed themselves to not necessarily have my best interests at heart, this gift made me really look at who was there for me..and who wasn't.

One of those peeps who was there for me was Takeia Dunlop. An on-the-rise artist who recently started a new blog site where she plans to do interviews, showcase art, etc. Well Kia (as I call her) crazily asked me to help launch it by being the first interviewee. Click below to see the awesomeness of how she constructed the blog.

Some other people that were there for me were all the peeps who ordered prints and commissions from me. Unfortunately some matters arose which stopped me from mailing everything as quickly as I wanted, but EVERYONE was mad cool and supper patient. I can't thank you all for your support and forgiveness enough.

This gift also made me realize I wasn't doing all I could to push myself, my business, and my art to higher levels.
So, I started a watercolor course. Color has always vexed me, and I realized I needed to add some weapons to the arsenal so-to-speak.Simply put, this shit is hard! But I'll keep at it and post some pics soon.

Then, I started thinking outside the local comic scene on places to vend. This lead me to the 17th Annual Locks Conference here in Philly, where I'll be vending Oct1st and 2nd. Check the link for all the details.

But you know I can't leave my fellow comic book/geek fam alone for long.I just received my confirmation for my table at the New York Anime Fest, Oct. 13th-16th, where I'll debuting a new project called A Crown of Horns I'm working on for John Cullins, as well as new prints.

Here's a little tease of that new project for ya.

Thanks for reading and make sure you call a real friend today.



  1. Great post about self reflection and appreciation/motivation. Good artwork. You know I'm tweaking about it. If ya need additional writing support, let me know. Stay Creative.

  2. Oooo watercolor; the three-section staff of the coloring world.

  3. Hey Nubian, I appreciate that. You know I'll be looking your way soon.