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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


"I'm a test this out on y'all right quick. Now keep in mind that I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my shit."- Erykah Badu

I've been thinking about the word "compromise" recently and how it applies to my craft. On one hand, compromise can be a positive word, expressed when trying to bring a mutually beneficial end to a difference of opinions. On the other, it's a dirty word used to paint a picture of someone's shameful concession on a strong personal view.

Often times the latter definition pops up in art (whether music, illustration, etc) as a synonym for a person "selling out". "How could he write a song/make that movie/draw a book for that company? He just did it for a quick buck"- they say. Well, I find myself in that position now, as I unveil an alternative to a piece I did that I swore I wouldn't change.

With the burning passion of artistic independence coursing through my veins I drew my original Truth piece(seen here)

with the thought that whoever doesn't get it can kiss my ass. Then came the idea of using the piece as part of my new line of shirts, but after talking with some friends, and having a woman make the statement that I'm objectifying women, I started thinking long and hard about what will serve the greater good- my artistic free will...or a compromise. Would I be selling out by taming my piece? Would I become a hollow artist just looking for the quickest dollar?

So here's my compromise. I still stand by my original feelings and the message of the piece. I feel the ideal and concept is intact, and I would like to think I fall under the "bringing a mutually beneficial end to a difference of opinions" category. I welcome all thoughts on the matter. .



  1. Double Up, Sensei. The original for Adults. The "Variant" version for the kids. I got the original and I can say looking at them both I would have got the second one if I had never the original. I don't see it as a compromise, I simply see it as you doubling your potential consumer base. ..nuff said

  2. Thanks for the advise Mike. I guess I just gotta wrap my mind around the concept of diversity a little more.

  3. Dope stuff my dude! I don't see it as selling out, you just put some more cloths on short cuz the kids are around lol. Don't sweat it :)

  4. Dude it isn't selling out. Your just appealing to 2 different markets. A woman was offended so you made a choice not to possibly offend more women thus not casting a negative vibe to you. I agree with Mike and you should do 2 different versions of your expression art pieces like this. All in all its your work and you ultimately choose what to DO and what NOT TO Do. If you wanna do 2 different versions COOL. DO YOU! Lol.

    I personally saw nothing wrong with the original one seeing as how there were no nipples. But whatever. Some other women may like the original version more so then the alternate one. Never know.

    GOOD ish regardless!!!

  5. You know what's funny..? I just did the Locks Con where there were TONS of women, and the MAJORITY of them LOVED the original version. Go figure. But like you said, at least this way I have options.

  6. I've gotten so much reaction from this piece I plan to do a whole new blog completely dedicated to this subject on Wednesday.