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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wizard World Update and Raffle

What's up peeps.
So I survived my television appearance. And I have to say I was surprisingly calm..till the time came to talk. lol Anyways, it could've been much worse, and it turned out to be a real chill production. Pretty much all I had to do was sit there and draw the host Marlie Hall as  super hero. I ended up drawing her as a version of Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, I gave her the original, and of course I didn't take any pics of it.(gotta work on that)
Then, it was only about a minute or so for me to to talk about Wizard. All in all, I had a ball. So shoutout to WPHL-17 and the fine folks at Wizard for having me on. If I'm able to get a copy of the segment or the pic I'll let you guys know.
So as you may have heard, I'll be at Wizard World Philly in a few days. Shocking..I know. And as you may or may not know/remember, all 5 Strek Captains will be in attendance. For the first time ever..all together. Historic!! So guess what ya boy did for my Trekkies?

BOO-YAHH!!! My first Star Trek art ever(not counting the Capt. Kirk sketch I did a while back). This piece will be available in a limited run at the show, so don't miss out. Thanks to the mighty Blair Smith for the awesome job on colors.

And last but not least, I want to mention a special raffle I'll be doing at the show promoting my new QR Code. All you have to do is scan the QR which links to my Pyroglyphics facebook page, (code will be on the back of the flyer seen below), "Like" the page on the spot, and you will be entered into the drawing. It's that easy. There will be 3 winners, with prizes ranging from posters, to shirts, to a special grand daddy first prize bonanza! These will also be limited.

(graphics formatted by Takeia Dunlop)

As always, thanks for checking me out and I'll see you tomorrow with some more art.


"When they showed me the graphics, they were puzzled by my spastic neo-synapses/
And reloaded the geographics using Vulcan black magic mathematics..."- Geist


  1. Hey Shawn! It's Marlie Hall from PHL 17. Thanks for drawing me. Here's a pic:

  2. Hey Marlie, how are you? Thanks for passing on the pic. And again, thanks for having me on the show. Next time, try not to be so attractive that it makes me all flustered. lol