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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back From The Pitt

Another con come and gone. This past weekend was the Pittsburgh Convention and it was a good time. Learnt alot, had fun, and made a few dollars. What more could you ask for. I left some pics out so as not to overload anyone.

Arriving at the hotel after a 6hr(!) drive.

With artist extraordinaire Blair Smith aka Mega Mind(who wanted to dress like me). 

And writer to the stars Keith Thomas. (That look is probably him getting another idea.)

Add to the mix 1/4 cup of air brush specialist Matt Seel

The con started on Friday, but we arrived in Pitts on Thursday, and the good thing about the con is you can set up on Thursday. Place a little sheet on top and I'm ready to go....

....To the Thursday night Pre-Con Drink-and-Draw/Charity Sketch/Networking party they have every year.

...Where I was trying to get my little color game on. They hand out tiles with tons of sharpies and you draw whatever you want. I don't color, but everybody else was so I said what the hell. 

Which ended up being a mistake.(See? This is why I don't color.) You also can't erase on these things...which I found out the hard way.

So, Plan B: I do the lines.....

...And do a little collabo with Blair.

Near the end of the night there ended up being enough tiles to redecorate 3 bathrooms. Varied styles, tons of characters, and just a good time.

Matt was getting it in!

And here was the finished collabo.

Leaving out I had to take a pic of the cool sculpture the hotel lobby had.

 After a good night's sleep, it was time to head out for the con. That Friday was beautiful and set the tone.

 The party got even better when we were joined by our partner in crime Vince Aiken.

 I was already pretty much set up, so I took a sec to walk around and ran into the super talented Sara Richard. If you don't have this star on your radar already you're a moron. Check her out at

A little more sight-seeing. Some awesome lego block statues.

After that is was back to the table. The set up of  Artist Alley was a little weird but I made the most of it.

Fellow artist peeps Chris Vance and Kurt Barr. Check out their hilarious Bunnies on Fire strip:

Pittsburgh Steel Man? I think?

A little 11x17 Ra's Al Ghough action.

Hey, it's the same guy from Mega-Con. Supes gets around.

To hook him up I allowed him to take a pic with my art.

Blood Drive at a comic con? I guess it works. Alot of those fan boys were fainting at the slightest hint of boob.

Speaking of which.

"Hey lady, is that a dog in your purse or are you just happy to meet me?".....that made no sense.

A little 11x17 Man-Bat action.

Handle your biz Commander.


Joker and.....??

Taokaka from BlazBlue. I swear to eventually draw this character. 

Matt showing off his airbrush skills.

A little Hush action.

This was done right at the con.

Took a pic of Blair's painting of his character Reverent  from the Reject's comic.

OH SHIT!! Somebody got STOMPED!! 

Nah, just red paint from my Mileena vs Juri commish. And yes, I'm aware "Fatality" is spelt wrong. Don't worry, I changed it.

Thanks Alec.

Snap it!

My man Naruto

Where's the Bat when you need 'em?

Matt KILLED it with this Thor airbrush flask. Hey Matt, word of advice, get a website to show these bad boys off bruh.

A little Scarlett pose for a sketch I forgot to take a pic of. It was right around this time I started taking less pics cause as you may have noticed the lights are out. Guess that's what happens when you're stuck in the poor man's section.

One of my top favs. Damn you Nicholas Cage for trying to take my joy from me.

And that was it. Time to part ways till next con.


  1. Nice recap! It was a pleasure spending the weekend with you man. Many more to come as we all break into the big time.

  2. That's whats up. Hopefully I can make it to the next one!

  3. Same here Keith. Sha-Nee, you know you'll be the guest of honor next year.