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Monday, April 4, 2011

S.O.D: Mourning Thing(Xion Jam)

I wanted to get this in before the stroke of 12 but what the hell, close enough.

If you follow the comic news blogs or the actual book, you'll know by now that (spoiler alert *gasp*) the Human Torch kicked the bucket......supposedly.
I mean, c'mon, it's Marvel. Death in comics is the definition of an oxymoron. And as much as I want to, right now I don't have the strength to open that Jean Grey sized can of worms. Regardless, here's a little Thing mourning the loss of his buddy. I imagine Reed wouldn't/couldn't bury the Torch in a regular grave in fear of their enemies trying to steal the body or some such, so I pictured Ben in a special room of the Baxter Building --or whatever the kids are calling it these days-- where Reed keeps the corpses of alien life forms, special artifacts, etc.

On a related note, this piece is also my entry into this month's Xion Art Jam: Moods Of Marvel.

And in case you don't know about Xion, it's a comic book networking group I started here in Philly, and we're going to be doing these little jams monthly. So pass by the FB page as well as the meetup page to learn more about Xion and maybe even enter your piece.   


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