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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mega-Con Update

Mega Con was last weekend and I'm finally getting around to posting some pics. Overall I had a great time-- I made a few dollars, made some good connects, but above all, I acquired more knowledge of convention business than I have at all my other shows combined! Special shoutout to all the people who shared their expertise, all the new friends I made, and a super special Bajan big-ups to Kevin Yan, one of the most talented, smartest artists I've had the pleasure to sit next to.

Now, with the butt kissing out of the way, on to some pics.

Last year when I went to Mega I took the train..a 24 HOUR RIDE!!.. so this year I decided to fly. I haven't flown since '93, so I was a little nervous. I had plenty of time to relax while waiting for my DELAYED flight. This is me falling asleep at the Philly airport.

Finally I was able to board the plane....only to have it go in a circle for a half hour....then park for another half so the wings could be de-iced.

But at last we were off..and of course my nerves came back..I kept thinking of the classic Twilight Zone episode with Will Shatner and the gremlin on the wing.

I was nervous going up..but that was nothing to the flips my stomach was doing as we landed. And since I had a connecting flight in Atlanta, I had to do this TWICE!! Oh the humanity.

Touchdown!! Nothing to worry about. Arrived in Florida to AMAZING weather...and an airport so big you have to take a train from the plane to baggage.

And a baggage claim section so big it wasn't till (much) later I realized I was in the wrong bag section.

But it was worth the wait. After spending Thursday night at my boy Stan's house in Tampa, we left Friday morning to set up at the show in Orlando, where I spent the whole day till we left for the condo he rented. I got the Scarface suite.

My gracious hosts..

My boy made dinner..this was the first course, a nice salad. I couldn't eat his "famous spaghetti pizza", so I just had spaghetti and sauce like normal humans.

Saturday, view from the back terrace.

I can't swim, but I would have loved to take a dip in that pool.

But enough sight-seeing, time to get to work. Meet a cool writer by the name of Jose, who hooked me up with a free copy of his novel Legacy Blade.

In between sketching I was able to peep up every now and again to snap some pics of the Spidey with his Spidey bulge...

The ones who were repping the Steam-Punk hard as always...

I mean, WOW, a Steam-Punk Baroness?? That's sick!!!

But none were as hard as my man here....

Why this guy wasn't cast for the new Superman movie is beyond me.

New convention buddies: on the left is the aforementioned Kevin Yan, and on the right is the mega-talented Nick Freeman.

Back to the spot after a hard day's work.

And time to do it all over again on Sunday.

Frank Castle..

One of the coolest people at MegaCo..always shows love.

Not sure who the guy on the right is..(I know, I know, I'll probably have to turn in my nerd badge now.)


Witch Hunter Robin.

Not sure but nice outfit.

The best Cap I've seen at cons.

A supporter (I still feel weird saying "fans" for some reason) wanted a pic with me. Maybe I'm moving up.

Perverted Sage.

If you don't know who I can't help ya.

Finally got a pic with the cool-as-a-fan Sanford Green. The man's a BEAST!

S.H.I.E.L.D squad car.

So where does a hungry artist go in Florida? Well my boy suggested The Jerk Hut. And that'll be the last time I go there. Bickering servers, the food took forever, and it tasted like my cat cooked it. For shame Florida.

  But after all that, it was time to come back home. And what can I say, I guess Florida knew it was losing something special, cause after 3 and a half GORGEOUS days, it started raining. To paraphrase Jay-Z: "I can't see them coming down my eyes, so I gotta made the sky cry."

I didn't get as many pics as I wanted, and I kept forgetting to take flicks of my commissions, but there's aleways next year. Till then Mega Con.
And till tomorrow peeps.

Peace ya'll!

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