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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

P.O.D Day 2- "Gideon"

Welcome back to my special "Artpiece-of-the-Day" goal. Every day for the month of October I'll be posting a new piece of art, plus providing some behind the scenes sketches and commentary. Each pic will be as "complete" as I can make it, depending on what was called for with the project, meaning some pieces may be more elaborate than others, but the ultimate goal here is for me to be more productive.
And guess what, day 2 and I'm still going! Wheeeeee! Not much of an accomplishment? Ok, whatever.

This piece is from the same client that commissioned the Deborah piece from yesterday.
His description read, "Gideon is a young man sitting in front of a multi-screen computer system. The room is only lit by the various monitors. We can see his face from the side. He is a very light skinned black man in his early twenties. He is fairly thin. He is of mixed race, so his afro is not as kinky. He has light blue eyes. He is handsome."
Placing shadows has been a challenge for me, and I'm in awe of folks like Mike Mignola, but I tried. Once again, this character is supposed to inhabit the "real" world, so normally I would've put in some hi-tech computers and floating "Minority Report" style screens, but I kept it basic.

A pretty simple design, so nothing too crazy here, but I guess the hardest part was his face. In the future I had told myself I wanted to try and use actors to cast my characters after, and for Gideon I thought Donald Glover had the perfect feel I wanted to capture.  I didn't go for an exact likeness as you can see, I just wanted to get the essence.

Well, that's it for today. Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to follow me on this path of me seeking to be a more productive and better artist. Feel free to give any critiques or comments. Catch you tomorrow.


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