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Friday, October 4, 2013

P.O.D Day 4- "Jeb"

Day 4 of my "Artpiece-of-the-Day" goal. For those just joining us, every day in the month of October I'll be posting  a new piece of art, plus providing some behind the scene sketches and commentary. Each pic will be as "complete" as I can make it, depending on what was called for with the project, meaning some pieces may be more elaborate than others, but the ultimate goal here is for me to be more productive.

Today's piece is from the same client that commissioned the Deborah and Gideon pieces from previous days. This description read: "Jeb is a white man in his late 20's with dark, shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes, and scruff on his face. He is wearing military camouflage. He has a SEAL Team 6 insignia on his arm and a petty officer insignia on his shoulder. He is in the prone position aiming a M82A1 barret sniper rifle (.50). He has a slight smile on his face."

The final piece was supposed to be more of a pin-up, which is where I would've done the prone position (where a sniper is taking out his target), but I ran out of time. I also forgot to add the camo and I didn't give him the smile. For just an average shot like this it may not make much of a difference but now I'm sorry I didn't add the smile.I think that would've lent some more character to him than just the typical scowl. 

Here's my original sketch. This is the one I feel the most disappointed in as far as the transition from sketch to final product. Something about the finished piece's stance looks a little too stiff to me.

Sigh, on to the next one.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you continue to follow me on this path of me seeking to be a better artist and more productive artist. Feel free to give any critiques or comments. Catch you tomorrow God willing.



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