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Saturday, October 5, 2013

P.O.D Day 5- "KnightSeeker"

Hey peeps. Day 5 of my "Artpiece-of-the-Day" goal where every day in the month of October I'll be posting  a new piece of art plus providing some behind the scene sketches and commentary. Each pic will be as "complete" as I can make it, depending on what was called for with the project, meaning some pieces may be more elaborate than others, but the ultimate goal here is for me to be more productive.

Today features a piece done for the new Knightseeker illustrated novel written by Eric Cooper.
This was Chapter 25 entitled "A True Test of Friendship".
The description was: (Single Scene) Setting: Subway tunnel by the single set of tracks.
Action: KNIGHT SEEKER shooting out one concentrated shot to GUILLOTINE’s chest peace. This will be a very violent shot that shatters the Guillotine chest piece.  GUILLOTINE whole body reacts to the hit. (Also Guillotine is unarmed. His weapon should not be in the scene.)

Here's the piece.
Knightseeker Book 3 illustrated novel chap 25 artwork. Pencils and inks Shawn Alleyne
So after reading the chapter and going over the description, I had a pretty solid idea of how it would look. I knew I wanted to play with shadows and action lines, and though I said in a previous blog that I'm not good at spotting shadows, doesn't mean I don't like to try. Due to the deadline I was at first going to use the blacks and lines in lieu of a background, but after trying, it felt cheap. So I added the subway tunnel to push myself. I definitly need to practice my action lines some more I feel.

The project itself is a fun one. This is the third(!) illustrated novel Cooper has dropped, and I've been lucky enough to have been Art Director for the last two books now. In addition to being AD, I'm also an artist for some of the chapters, primary designer as well as cover artist for all 3 books.
Shout out to Eric for the opportunity.
Here's the cover to the revamped edition of the first novel...

Knightseeker Book 1 illustrated novel cover. Shawn Alleyne on pencils and inks/ colors by Blair Smith
And the cover for book 2.
Knightseeker Book 2 illustrated novel cover art. Pencils- Shawn Alleyne/colors-Blair Smith  
Look for more Knightseeker goodness soon.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you continue to follow me on this path of me seeking to be a better artist and more productive artist. Feel free to give any critiques or comments. Catch you tomorrow God willing.



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